a space to live, work, and thrive

Our goal is to become the UK’s most sustainable living brand.

Committed to Sustainability

We exist to provide people with a healthier and greener way of living; ESG and sustainability are at the core of everything we do. Targeting inefficient units or brownfield sites allows us to repurpose them into thriving, low-impact communities with multiple transport links and cycle services that minimise our footprint. And we use low- and zero-carbon technologies inside.

  • Filters in the building provide 95% cleaner air than outside
  • 100% chemical-free cleaning products
  • Bike subscriptions available for residents
  • Filtered water
  • Low-impact and low-waste development
  • Detailed diligence in ethical procurement
  • Healthy and chemical-free building materials used in the manufacture and installation
  • Low-energy appliances
  • Recycling old buildings and incorporating low-energy and low-carbon methods (BREEAM rated)
  • Energy efficiency-monitoring
  • Dedicated sustainability coordinator to monitor and improve NOVA's ESG strategy
  • Green outdoor spaces
  • A holistic approach to energy and sustainability
  • Solar design integration considers the building’s location, orientation, shape, and form
  • Advanced computer modelling allows us to evaluate various energy scenarios
  • Optimise building fabric properties to minimise energy demand
  • Electric low-carbon energy source providing heating and hot water
  • High-efficiency heat pumps to meet hot water load demand
  • Roof-mounted solar panels to offset heat pump energy
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