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Social Safe Success

We welcome students from all over to an environment purpose-built for modern living. Student safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we've formed a team capable of offering the best possible care. We also offer yoga and meditation classes in our spaces to help create moments of 'ahh'.

Space to Grow

Sustainability in businesses should be a given. We strive to become a leader in environmental awareness with a modern and eco-friendly design to ensure your home doesn't cost the earth — literally.

Space to Learn

We design our spaces to encourage both the social and academic sides of student life, with room for collaboration or privacy when needed. Our spacious and modern studios are technologically integrated, giving you access to our services and allowing quick contact with our team.

Connected communities that bring people together for positive change — not just for each individual but for the planet.

Space to Be You

Student life is an exciting experience, but it’s also challenging. We're here to help you manage this with quiet spaces, mental wellness professionals, and support from a place of respect and care. Providing a safe and comfortable setting for every student is the goal behind all of our sites.

Osborne Street Glasgow

The Warehouse

Our plans will complement the vibrant Merchant City by providing high-quality student living and creating a hub that the community can be a part of.
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